Suggestions from users for the Quad Explorer!

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Some suggestions from users for the Quad Explorer so I do not forget you collected here (on Windows 11, 10, ... and Windows 12 Preview)!

Suggestions Freitag, 8. Juni 2018 09:24:10

Do you plan to add some multi-thread processing for network shares? I have to work with many network shares / folders. Q-Dir freezes for long time where previously opened folder isn't accessible.
There isn't possible to do anything during this freeze. Handle such situations in "background" process would be very usefull! (or please allow minimize timeout for unaccessible network shares)


Engineer's suggestions from China Friday, April 27, 2018 18:33:55:

The text was in Chinese by the Google translator into Englisch!

I am a Chinese and I like Q-Dir a lot. When using this excellent software there are various opinions and suggestions, and I hope to adopt them and to change them in the new version.

1, Win7, 64-bit system, change the default folder icon win7, you can see the results of the changes in Win7 Explorer. However, when Q-Dir is turned on, the icon of the folder in the UI is still the default icon of the system. This is a problem and I hope to see the style of my modified icon.

2, clear the button in the status bar, which causes inconvenience to the operation. I hope I can put it before and after the refresh button.

3. When the folder is displayed in the middle icon view, the file name can be automatically displayed in Win7's own Explorer, which means it automatically displays 2 lines or 3 lines. In Q-Dir, however, only one line is displayed, followed by the omitted form. This is very uncomfortable to see. It is recommended to synchronize this aspect with win7.

4. It is hoped that between the middle and the small icon there will be a new display mode, 2/3 the size of the middle and middle icons. Or it's a tile style, but it does not show the type and size, and its space is used for wrapping if the folder name is very long.

Q-Dir is very good, fast and easy to use. Thanks a lot for this. I wish you all a happy work and a happy life!

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Suggestions from users for the Quad Explorer!


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